“Keep it simple” is Ginger Barber’s motto. Her love of an uncomplicated look, paired with natural, textured materials provides the cornerstone of her delightfully harmonious designs. Ginger approaches interiors with a neutral palette. She prefers solid white, beige or a subtle repetitive pattern, and then lets nature take its course.

After training in design at Sarasota’s Ringling School of Art and Design in Florida, Ginger moved to Houston 30 years ago and launched her own design firm. She has an extensive background in both contemporary and traditional interiors, which is evident in her design work where she skillfully combines the classic elements of style, both past and present. Ginger also loves getting away from the city, and enjoys designing second homes for families whether it be a beach house, or a farm house in a rural setting.

In 1993, she decided to expand her business by opening The Sitting Room, which is now located in the West Alabama section of downtown Houston, TX. Ginger's sense of style and residence "du jour" in Houston are frequently written about and photographed in interior design blogs and major magazines.

Habitat for Horses
Ginger Barber is also dedicated to equine rescue and would love for you to take a moment to read about her commitment to Habitat for Horses.

Habitat for Horses


In 2014, Ginger Barber won the Designer of the Year Award at The Decorative Center Houston.

Ginger Barber and Charlie

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