Ginger Barber & Habitat for Horses

My introduction to the real world of horses came shortly after I made a complaint about a horse tied to a rope in a muddy front yard. It wasn’t long before Jerry Finch, President of Habitat for Horses, and I became involved. So began one of the greatest adventures of my life. From the moment I stepped onto their ranch, my adventure began. I discovered not only the beauty of these majestic animals, but the horror so many of them endure.

Habitat for Horses is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of equine, as well as keeping the public aware of legislative issues and of the treatment of equine around the world. After almost two decades of advocacy, its strength never wavers, and it is that strength and commitment that draws me closer.

While dealing with the unthinkable acts of cruelty inflicted on horses, Jerry’s realized vision of a paradise where all equine are respected and loved has inspired so many, including me, to join Habitat for Horses in a quest for justice against cruelty.

I invite you to learn more about Habitat for Horses and their inspiring work by visiting their website here. I also invite you to see the beautiful coffee table book, The Horse at Home, featuring horses from Habitat for Horses. Each of the horses showcased in the coffee table book endured a harsh journey to Habitat for Horses. May supporting the endeavor to give all rescued equine a safe home forever touch your heart and transform your life. It certainly has mine.

To learn more about Habitat for Horses and their inspiring work, you can visit their website here or you can watch an introductory video